Me and Bryson DeChambeau

It’s hard not to like Bryson DeChambeau, the PGA Tour’s newest, most interesting young player. But I liked him more after I read this passage from an article at It reminded me a lot of something I’d written in The Wrong Side of the Ball. Here’s what Bryson says … At SMU, DeChambeau did not … More Me and Bryson DeChambeau

Mike Small Revisited

Illinois men’s golf coach Mike Small was in the news today regarding his announcement that he will try to qualify for the 2016 Champions Tour this December (he turns 50 in March). Will this hurt his coaching in any way? Absolutely not! In fact, his ongoing accomplishments as a player earn him tremendous respect among his … More Mike Small Revisited

Meet the WLC Crew

In The Wrong Side of the Ball, I write at some length about the nefarious characters that make up the White Lake crew, consisting of me and my oldest and dearest friends. Here we are in all our glory on the first tee of the White Lake Golf Club in Whitehall, Michigan, preparing to tee it up … More Meet the WLC Crew